Premium Geumsam Black Ginseng Candy Sugar Free - Kẹo Nhân Sâm Đen Không Đường - Made in Korea

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Geumsan Ginseng has the longest history in herbal medicine, inheriting the legacy down from Baekje ginseng, a top-notch species. The product is made in Geumsan, Korea, where Goryeo ginseng originated from. The Product is made from ginseng growing in Korea. The product received certificates of quality such as G mark, GAP, GMP and HACCP. Geumhong brand is trademark registered in overseas countries, including USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Efficacy of Ginseng -Boost the Immune System -Boost Energe and Stamina -Support Blood Circulation -Support Memory Functions.

This Sugar-Free Korean Black Ginseng Energy Cand is very tasty and good for your health. It is made of steamed and mature (4-year-old or older) Korean Red Ginseng, the world's best quantity, which has own unique effects on health and has been grown in Geumsan in South Korea with four seasons and the occult energy on the ground.

Kẹo Sâm - Made in Korea:

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